Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mischievous Aaron

Aaron has been at the age for a while now where he gets into everything. He can open the fridge, start the dishwasher, open the dishwasher, open the oven, start the microwave, and open the microwave ... and that's just what he gets into in the kitchen!

Well, now he has added a new kitchen item.  I was lying down on my bed when I heard a clatter... I jumped up and found this:
The stroller was set up because he likes to push it around ... well he pushed it to the stove, tore the foil off the burners, and then pushed it to the sink to help with the dishes... silly kiddo!

Eric sent me this photo while I was at rehearsal on Thursday.
He captioned it, " I turn my back for one sec..."
Aaron thought it would be fun to dump out the file cabinet... *sigh* 
I didn't even know he could open the drawers!

I think Aaron misses being rocked (not that I don't try to rock him ... I think he just subconsciously misses it) because I often find him singing to himself in the rocking chair or drinking his milk...

 Today, none of us were feeling well ... so we all snuggled on the couch and watched a movie!
I am glad that Aaron was willing to lay with us and not get into trouble while we rested!

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