Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diablo III

I know I've mentioned it many times, but since I married Eric I have become more and more into games. I've always enjoyed board games (not to the extent that I do now, but I did enjoy them) but I had never been into video games (ask my siblings...). I am more of a watcher than a player generally speaking, but Diablo III was calling to me to play!

It came out May 15 at midnight. Now, we are not hard core enough to go to a midnight release party. However, Eric is hardcore enough to really really really want the collector's edition. It came with all sorts of fun stuff. He also wanted to have a party at which we would enjoy the things in the collector's edition as well as have a Diablo III cake... yeah, he wanted me to make a cake.  Let me just say that not one single part of this cake turned out how I envisioned. I would also like to say that if you are afraid of fondant, don't be - it is your friend. If you are not afraid of buttercream frosting - you should be, it is evil.

Eric also mentioned dressing up in passing and asked about my awesome Harry Potter cloak that my grandmother made me. When I told him it was in Utah with my mother who wanted to keep it he seemed to be a little sad and forgot the dressing up thing.  However, I did not forget and I surprised him with some sweet Zombie make-up and a cut up shirt covered in lip gloss for him to wear. (this was because in the game you fight a lot of flesh eating zombies - gross, I know...)

Even when we tried to look normal we looked creepy...

To stick with the whole flesh eating zombie theme, Eric's brother, Jon, brought over some ribs for the party - fun huh? We then flipped through the concept art book and put in the blue-ray dvd of the behind the scenes of making the game. We also listened to the soundtrack and played a bit of Diablo II. When we tried to get on to play Diablo III the server was struggling - too many people wanted to play; so they had to shut down the server till 11:45pm! By then, Jon had gone home, but Eric and I eagerly jumped on and played till after 1:00.

Overall, I think our party was a big success. Even though we weren't able to actually play the game during the party, it was still a lot of fun to hang out with Jon and watch some of the awesomeness that went into making this game.

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