Saturday, May 26, 2012

Avengers Adventure

A little bit ago an awesome Groupon came out for Cinetopia that Eric and I jumped all over! We used one of the sets of tickets yesterday for our date!

It started out like any usual pre-date day ... I got absolutely nothing done and spent the day doing my hair and nails :} When Eric got home we took Aaron to my friends' house for the evening and headed out.

We got to Cinetopia to learn our show-time was sold out... so we picked a show-time that didn't start for another hour and decided to walk around the area. There are a lot of fun shops (Eric let me walk through a toddler store!) and a cute area where the water squirts out of the ground for the kids to run through. Eric and I sat and watched the kids for a while thinking that it would be fun to bring Aaron here sometime.

We're planning on upgrading our phones so we stopped in to a T-Mobile store. The first thing that me and my 4 inch heels noticed was there was nothing to sit on... anywhere. (walking in heels is fine, standing is not so fine) The lady decided to give us the low down .... like, everything. First she took a ton of information from us and then gave us more information that we could ever need. 

At this point, I started to not feel so good. Obviously my feet were hurting so I was alternating which foot to stand on and which leg to lock, etc. And then my tummy started to hurt, like really bad. I mentioned it to Eric as we headed over to look at actual phones but I didn't pay too much attention to it, until it started to get really bad. At that point, the room decided it didn't want to hold still anymore and therefore, neither did I. The poor sales lady was trying to get the camera to work on one of the phones as I started grabbing for Eric's arm. I was wobbling and feeling so awful and the next thing I knew, I was sitting in a chair...

I had fainted. Coming out of the unconscious state I felt myself grasping desperately at what I thought was a dream (like when you wake in the morning you try to hold on to that dream so you can remember it) but really I was grasping at what was currently going on around me though I couldn't tell you any of it... At first my ears felt so full - like there was a ton of pressure in them. I couldn't hear very well at all and my vision was still randomly fading out. 

My vision cleared before my ears did and I could see Eric kneeling beside me, his lips moving, forming words I could not hear. I could also see 2 (where did the second one come from?) rather mortified looking T-Mobile sales associates. When I could move my head I noticed Eric was holding a glass of water for me. My ears finally started to clear though they were still ringing and I could hear him ask me if I knew where I was, if I wanted to go outside (because it was apparently very hot in there...), if I wanted a drink, etc. I wanted to answer, I really did, but all I could muster was "uuuuuuuh." I couldn't talk - (it was like in Portal 2 at the beginning where they ask you to talk and your character jumps instead...) 

I couldn't control what I wanted to say, all I could get out was a generic sound. So instead I tried to grab the cup - I could move my arm to the cup but I couldn't grasp it. I didn't have the muscle capacity. Finally Eric decided to stop waiting for me to give answers and picked me up asking the sales associate to grab the chair that they had miraculously conjured (I am guessing they had some behind the doors in the back) and headed outside. The instant cooling was amazing and I realized that I was literally drenched in sweat - as in it was dripping down my face. Eric asked for a cool rag and he again knelt beside me and asked if I knew where I was. This time I was able to answer. I told him what I experienced and he helped me drink the water. That's when I realized... the only other water I had drank all day was at 6:30 that morning when I took my morning medicine. Oops... Combine the heels, the heat, the tummy ache, the dehydration and it's no wonder my body decided to drift into lala land for a while...

We decided to still head to the movie though I hadn't quite come out of it. My head was pounding, everything still felt muffled and I wasn't quite stable but we figured that either way I was going to be lying down ... I could either do it with Coke and popcorn in a theater or I could do it on the couch with a child trying to climb all over me so we opted for the theater.

The movie was awesome and about an hour into it my body started to finally relax. All the previous symptoms (besides the headache that I still have...) left and I felt waaaaaaaaaay better.

Now? I carry a water bottle. :}

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