Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathroom fun

When my brother was little, he would strip down to his diaper, collect all the stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, etc. that he could find lay inside the refrigerator door buried under all these things.

Luckily, my son's strange tendencies are more energy efficient, though nonetheless just as strange.

Apparently, water or no water, the bathtub is  the place to be. Aaron has learned to tip himself over into the tub and lower himself slowly. He will go to the faucet and try to turn the nobs and when that doesn't work he'll stand under the bin I hold his toys in (it's suspended by suction cups) and "uh! uh! uh!" while bouncing until I get the toys down. He'll then sit and play with the toys and read his bath book... this has been even more of a problem since Mark and Ane (Grampa and Gramma) got Aaron real bath toys in Hawaii...

Also, Aaron loves to mimic me in the mirror:

The sweatshirt he's wearing was my brother's ... doesn't he look so cute?!?

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