Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Months and Moving!

I am seriously having trouble believing that Aaron is already 10 months old! Crazy!!!

He is such a HAM - he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

He loves to grab onto my leg and remain attached for a good long while, especially outside. I affectionately call him my little leech.

He's a charmer and he loves to show off. Any praise you give him will not be misplaced as he will respond with a big smile or hearty laugh accompanied by clapping.

I absolutely love him and cannot imagine my life without him!

This week is supposed to be GORGEOUS here in Oregon so we went outside this afternoon for about an hour (till somebody decided it was a good time to mow the lawn...).

Our "backyard" is sloped so Aaron always has to adjust, but it doesn't take him long.

I need to get this cute kid his own pair of sunglasses. He absolutely loves them and he's getting pretty good at putting them on me, though not as good at putting them on himself yet.

Since the lawn was being mowed we came inside - there is no keeping this kid out of anything! He'll use just about anything as a step stool now. Silly guy is pretty inventive about what he uses too - yikes!

Sometimes, he manages to get himself pretty stuck on his crusade to get to things I am trying desperately to keep him away from. His most recent obsession is no longer the surround sound system or cords but behind the drum set. He loves to play the actual kit and tries every day for a long time to get past the maze of stands (plus the other obstacles I place in his way like the table). {and yes, he's taking a pacifier again - he only does this when he's teething. He has 6 teeth and one about to break the gums... doesn't feel good when he wants my attention, he knows that if he bites me I'll instantly look at him so if I'm ever cooking or at the computer and he wants me, I will often get a good chunk of my leg bitten}

He loves this panda bear - when it's in the middle of the floor he practically wrestles the darn thing. The panda, somehow, usually ends up on top of him and wins...

Oh, and by the way ... a little over a week ago he was standing at the couch and I said, "Aaron, come to mama." I was expecting him to sit and crawl to me but instead he turned and took about 4 steps toward me! Holy cow! Now he's getting really good at distance and keeping his balance even when he steps on a toy. It blows my mind! So yeah, he's a walkin!

This is a clip from a birthday video we made for my Grandpa's birthday (hence the birthday hat):

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