Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Amazing Cardboard

Eric was joking today that I could start a craft blog dedicated to things you can do with cardboard (simply because I would rather use what I have than go out and get something and since cardboard is what I have, I use cardboard for practically everything...). Ever heard of the Paperbag Princess? Well, I'm the Cardboard Queen!

Here is my latest creation - it isn't finished but I didn't show you any inbetween pictures with my last project so I thought I'd show you this stage.
Good Idea
I saw this on pinterest and thought it was cool. I don't have guests who need to find towels like this but perhaps in the future so I stuck it on a board and moved on.

Then I saw this wall decor piece being thrown away so I snagged it and wanted to hang it in our bathroom (as you see here) - right where the fun picture of Eric trying to drop me in the ocean was hanging.

No problem, I thought, I'll just hang it above the eye sore that is my shelving unit above the toilet.
(for those who don't remember - it's to the left <--------------)

Yeah, that didn't work so well, it already made the bathroom look cluttered (besides being rusty, falling out of the wall, etc.). Well, I've been wanting to replace this thing for a while anyway so I thought, how about today?  Like I said, I'm not done (they obviously aren't covered yet) but this is what I've come up with. I need to cover them in packing tape or something to keep out the moisture and then make them look nice with twine or fabric or paint or paper or wrapping paper or something...

From my perspective, the bathroom looks enormous now that that shelving unit is gone - not sure why
What do you think?

I was taking apart the shelves that were above the sink and Aaron came and sat down in the same position I was in and tried to help me - it was adorable!

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