Monday, February 6, 2012

A Special Bond

Today I was in the living room and Aaron was crawling over (I thought) to me. But he went past me and was starting to cry... I probably should have scooped him right up and asked him what was wrong but I was curious to see where he was heading. He went through the kitchen and headed for the front door. Confused, I continued to follow.  As he got closer to the door he started calling, "Dada" starting out in a low whine and progressing to a scream.

I calmed him down and went to go make him a bottle (I make the bottles in the bathroom because the water heats up faster in there). I heard him fussing again but it quickly changed to laughter. I went to see what he found to make him so happy and heard "Dada" amid his laughter. I found him again in the kitchen looking at a large picture of our little family that I have on the wall - smiling, laughing, and over all happy to see his "Dada."

I know Mama is special to Aaron but Dada and Aaron have a special bond. Whenever Eric gets Aaron in the middle of the night, Aaron does not go right back to sleep after eating - he is so excited to see Dada that he gets giggly and wants to play. When Eric gets home Aaron is instantly happy no matter how distraught he may have been.  Anything that Dada has is infinitely cooler than any other toy in the house.

I love to see the two of them together.

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