Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aaron's Accomplishments

In the past few weeks, Aaron has grown leaps and bounds! He is so smart!

  • He has solidified his knowledge of "No." If he is doing something he really enjoys (like playing in the fireplace) when I say no, he'll still do as I ask and leave what he is doing, but he'll get very upset. He also will parade around the house saying "na, na, na" - three in a row, the same way that I say "No, no, no."
  • He is even better at coming when I call him.
  • He will throw up both arms and look at us expectantly when he wants to be tickled (it is in a different way than when he wants to be held...).
  • When he has a grip on my hair (usually), all I need to say is "Let Go" and he will!
  • He used to like grabbing faces and scratching them but we've been working on this... now he gently strokes faces! And if I ask him to be gentle, he will reach up and stroke my face. So cute! This is great as he plays with his cousins and with other babies. We recently went to a gathering where there were 3 other babies, and they grabbed his face and all he did was stroke theirs.
  • He puts his hand in the air and mutters something - requesting a high five. And if I put up my hand and ask him for a high five, he'll put his hand up on mine (we're still working on the hitting part of a high five).
  • He loves to dance - if he's on all 4's he'll rock back and forth in perfect rhythm with the music. If he's standing, he'll bounce.
  • The movement isn't quite right, but he comes up to me making kissing sounds! He wants to give Mom kisses!
  • He loves hugs, like, loves them. He'll wrap his arms around you and snuggle in close.
  • He is back to sleeping 6-8 hours. Hallelujah!

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