Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bathroom

Heaven only knows why, but Aaron's favorite room in the house is the bathroom. If I close the bathroom door, he will wander the house, play in his room, then come back to me in the living room. However, if the bathroom door is open, he will go and play in there and not come back. He likes to try and climb in the tub and attempt to lift the toilet seat...

When I am doing my hair, Aaron likes to be in there with me (whatever Mom is doing, he wants to do also.). If I am doing something that does not require 2 hands, I will plop him up on the counter beside me and let him play with my clips, combs, etc. (Apparently whatever Mom is using is infinitely cooler than any of his other toys) If I am working on my make-up, I have to hand him whatever I am using after I'm done with it so that he can try too... He doesn't get to be up there often, but he LOVES it when I allow it.

Today, I found him in there (I forgot to shut the door) and instead of calling to him to come out (which he will do) I went to him instead. When I lifted him, he saw himself in the mirror and got all excited, so I sat him on the counter and did his hair with Eric's gel (if you look closely in the pictures, you can see a small mohawk...).

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