Thursday, February 16, 2012

...My Child Knows What He Wants...

My Grandpa sent Eric and I various steaks for Valentine's Day. Along with the steaks was a 6" Chocolate Lover's Cake -- a heavenly cake with layers upon layers of goodness.

Eric and I were eating it tonight and Aaron gets angry if we don't let him try a bite of what we're eating and decide for himself if he would like some. He charmed us into giving him some cake and after that we didn't have a choice... we had to keep providing him with cake...

Sorry the camera shifted... I didn't notice till after, but it's still a fun video

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  1. Loved them! We laughed at the first one and Papa hasn't seen the second one yet! Thomas noted how big he is getting! Fun times Jessie! ;) love and miss you!


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