Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

I don't know if it was a subconscious New Years Resolution or a moving goal but since we moved to Oregon, I have tried hard to stay busy. Every day, I find something to work on or do. It's gotten to the point where I will design and sew a shirt, just for something to do. I've managed to make a list though -- of all sorts of crafts or projects to work on.

Aaron hasn't been sleeping at night, like -- at all. And even his during the day naps have been struggling. He used to sleep for 10 hours at nighttime and now the most I get is 3. Naps used to be 2 hours long and now I'm lucky to get 45 minutes.

With that being said, I'm very tired. So today, I intend to do basically nothing. I have some shows to watch, a baby to play with, and world to update...

So, here are a few updates on our little life:
  • My phone battery died about 2 weeks ago and then my car died. I have a new phone battery now but the car still isn't working.  We're planning on leaving it and hoping it miraculously starts. :} Chances are, it won't, and then we'll get it fixed, but for now we're a 1 car family.

  • Eric and I received callings in our ward! Eric is the Assistant Ward Mission Leader and I am the Young Women's Secretary. If I ever doubt the Spirit, I will refer back to being called to this calling. No one in this ward knows anything about me and I had never met the Young Women's president. She was praying about who to select and she knew that she needed someone good with a computer, someone who takes good notes, someone organized, etc. She felt she should call me but she freaked out about it for a while because she didn't know me and she didn't know if I would be capable of taking all of the paperwork load away from her as well as care for the girls on an individual level ... talk about inspired! I am not only organized, but I love doing it! As for the girls, I am, of course, nervous but excited.

  • Aaron has a rash ... a rash that one of the treatments for it to let him run around naked... Can I just   tell you how nervous I am every time I let him loose without a diaper? He has peed on Eric twice now, but I have been lucky enough to avoid that. The other day I found a pee puddle after Aaron had gone down for a nap but that's about it. There have been so many times where he'll start grunting and I bolt for a diaper and scurry to secure it to him as fast as possible. I have always made it in time, luckily.

    He has to have clothes on at all times now-a-days because he has learned how to pull off the tabs and un-secure his diaper.  Considering how much he loves to be naked, I get the feeling he'll try to take the diaper off any chance he gets.

    I thought I'd show you a few fun pictures I nabbed the other day while he was running around. :} Just keep in mind as you view these photos that not every baby is created equal - if they were, they'd all be as cute as mine!

  • Look close for his teeth!

    Aaron likes to use Mom as a jungle gym... 
    he tries to climb up me and he is always super excited as he does it.

    I was looking at him and not through the camera so I didn't realize I'd cut off his head,
    but the picture is still cute. 

      • Last -- I leave you with a hysterical video of my son... Eric and I were playing several games of Carcassone (one day, I will win!) when we saw Aaron crawling around like this... by the time I grabbed the camera, I only got an 8 second clip of this, but you get the idea. :}

      Yes, he is crawling around with a sock in his mouth breathing funny...

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