Sunday, October 25, 2015

Primary Program

Being in Sunbeams, Aaron is now old enough to participate in the Primary Program!
Eric's mom, co-worker, Tyler, and Tyler's girlfriend, Allyson came to support him!
He was apprehensive about going on the stand since he had missed the practice the day before, so I went up with him. We had a chat in the hall about why he found it scary. Soon, he felt brave enough to go up. He started out on my lap but soon moved over to his own seat. He was shy when he realized people were looking at him, but I told him everyone out there loves him and wants him to do well. I told him to look for Daddy, Gramma, Tyler, Allyson, Audrey and Adelynn. Each one of them was cheering him on silently. When it came time to say his part in the microphone, he marched right up there! The prompt was "How do we show love to others?" and his answer, that he wrote himself was, "By helping Mama take care of Audrey and Adelynn." After he said it confidently in the microphone, he got down off the stool and marched right back his seat - in the audience. I told him the program wasn't over, but he said he was done. haha. So he participated from then on in his seat with his family :)
 I may or may not have forgotten to get one of Aaron with Eric and I ... whoops.

Aaron loves to sing the songs around the house, the best he can :)

So proud of you, Aaron! Way to be brave!

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