Monday, October 12, 2015

My Utah Trip!

Going to the Diva Retreat involved visiting Utah, so I had to get some fabulous family time in!
On the way to the airport, Aaron was telling me a story of how he'd like to play with Eric's friend, Tyler. My response was simply, "Oh." He said, "Mama, say 'that sounds fun!'" "Ok, That sounds fun, Aaron." "... yeah, I know!"

Leaving was harder than I expected. I kept it together until Aaron started crying in the car, holding my arm and begging me to not leave. Then Audrey demanded to be freed from her carseat to join me ... that's when I lost it. I cried so hard ...
Luckily I felt better once I landed and got to see my dad!
And all of these crazies!
Had to get some special pictures with my niece and nephew! Love them!
And Rachel & Tighe!
I also couldn't pass up the opportunity to see my temple!
I was excited to see the fall colors and drive through the canyon, though I'll be honest - Oregon has more colors! But Utah will always hold a place in my heart.
I was definitely ready to come home! The kids loved the gifts my mom sent for them!
I missed these crazies! 

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