Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Chalkin It Up!

We don't have a screen on the window in the master bedroom. This has caused me to get a mountain of bug bites ... Heck, I give Eric 6000iu's of vitamin D every night in hopes the mosquitoes will go for him, but nooooo. Anyway, generally, having no screen causes problems. But, today I had a blast watching my kids play with the chalk outside - bird's eye view!
Aaron makes the silliest faces when he realizes he's being photographed...
 Our next door neighbors have several dogs and they are very loud. They go off barking at eachother at least 10 times a day which sets off all of the other dogs in the radius of half-a-mile. It's crazy. 
However, Audrey is super cute when it happens. She loves dogs and wanders around the yard with her hands by her mouth calling out, "Puppy! Puppy, where are you? Puppy, I here! Come, puppy!"
 It's pretty cute to watch them sword fight with the broom too :) I'm glad their "swords" are so long so that they are further apart and chances of injury lessen.

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