Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Beach!

We love the beach and we don't go nearly as often as we should!
Yesterday was gorgeous. I got lots of yard work done and taught Aaron how to ride his tricycle!

With how amazing of a day it was, I decided (and convinced Eric) that we should go to the beach. All excited, I woke up to rain! What? How rude! Eric could see how much I still wanted to go to the beach, so he took the initiative and started getting the kids ready! We ran to the store for supplies, picked up lunch, and headed on our way! It was chilly and the water level was high - it came all the way up to our cave - but it was a blast! Aaron was so excited about building a castle (though everytime we upturned a bucket to make a tier for our castle he would jump on it...) and having a cave (like The Croods)

Aaron and I had fun drawing pictures in the sand!

 Aaron kept telling me he was going to save me and would pull my leg or my hand to get me to safety ;)

Audrey really liked the sand and made a pout everytime I wouldn't let her eat it...

Aaron said he was Eep (The Croods) as he climbed the walls of the cave.
  Again with the sad face because I caught her crawling to go eat more sand...

 I love how both kids are doing the same thing...

It was so windy the smoke blew everywhere! It even blew one of our blankets directly onto the fire!
Don't worry, we are parents and out of necessity have quick reflexes ... we saved the blanket.

 When we got home we all got cleaned up. Aaron loves to go back in the shower with his towel and put his leg up on the ledge to get dry ... just like Mama and Daddy do.

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