Monday, March 10, 2014

Because Some Things Are Too Cute Not To Share

 Audrey and her friend Tanner. She is almost 3 months older than he is ...
Apparently she is already going in for the kiss :)

 Audrey is always happy to see me when she wakes up :) She's getting close to standing in the crib so we'll have to lower it soon. And Aaron did a St. Patrick's Day craft with me! Thumb tacks on foam.

 Sometimes, when we refuse to nap, this is what happens...
Aaron also wanted to try on Daddy's boots and loves to watch the rain eating asparagus with Mama!

 Audrey cut her first tooth this last week! Huzzah!
She is such a Daddy's girl!

And here are two cute videos. One is of Audrey feeding herself (something we just introduced the night before) and saying Dada. The other is Aaron saying he needs a "bear" ... at least, I hope that's what he means ... and tells a story from The Croods.

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