Thursday, November 14, 2013


Kelsey and Tyler went to Mexico for a week so we house sat/kid sat from Saturday till today (Thursday)
What a great experience it has been! 
I loved watching the kids play together and get to know each other better through this event! 
I took lots of pictures and sent them to Kelsey each night (hence there are so many photos!) Here are the best ones!

 The boys picked me a bouquet!

Obviously, if the hoop is too tall, grab chairs!

Singing songs and playing trains! Aaron LOVED the trains!

 So, if either boy (Aaron or Tommy) showed interest in either girl (Audrey or Annie), the other would rush over and try to get in and make her smile - hence both arms are across the back of the "carseat" (that's what Aaron called it - clever, huh?) and why both boys are lying beside Audrey on the floor.

Annie Loved Audrey - she kept trying to pick her up and hold her and hug her ... absolutely adorable!  

 Aaron created a hammer out of Legos and ran around saying, "I can fix it!" So we watched Wreck It Ralph.
Tommy wanted a hammer too but declared his had to be bigger than Aaron's :)

 Audrey slept through the night with no food break one night! She was such a happy little girl the next day! The other nights she slept till 7, ate, and slept again :) I'll take it!

 Lucy wanted to play "tickle monster" which is where the "adults chase the kids and tickle them till they escape." We played but I got tired ... so they attacked me!

There is a duck pond in the middle of the neighborhood across the street so we went to feed the ducks!  

It all started so innocent - I laid Audrey down and started snapping pictures...

The ducks started getting closer so I advised the kids to throw the food further away as I picked up Audrey whom the ducks were headed for...
It soon became apparent, it didn't matter how far we threw the food - they knew we had more than what we were giving them and they wanted it! The ducks closed in fast and suddenly a hissing goose headed the pack. It got to the point where I yelled, "RUN KIDS!" Lucy and Tommy took off but Aaron refused to leave me and Audrey. He held my had and screamed, "Come on Mama! Run!!!" My foot connected with at least 3 ducks as we dumped the rest of the Cheerios and ran - there weren't many though and it didn't work! I finally threw 2 entire pieces of bread and that worked!
We got to a bench and I called to Lucy and Tommy to come back. I snapped a picture and Lucy turned to me worried...
 "Jessie!"  she screamed as the hissing goose who had been stalking us approached at a rapid pace. Lucy and Tommy still had bread in their hands! I told them to throw it and run till we got to the street! We held hands, crossed, and ran to the house... never again am I feeding ducks in a residential area!

 We watched Tangled a few times and so this was a regular occurrence
Aaron ran around saying things like this:
You should know that this is the strangest thing I have ever done!
I will use this
Who are you and how did you find me?

Tent in the playroom!


 We really had a great time and are so happy to have had the opportunity to get to know some cousins better!

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