Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drew, Kirsten, and Alden!

My cousin, Drew, was stationed in Korea for 15 months ...
and just got back to the states to be stationed in Washington! Only a 2 hour drive away!
So he, his wife, Kirsten, and their son, Alden (18months) came down for a weekend visit.

We went to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch on Saturday and had a blast! 
Aaron's favorite was the basketball game - the balls were in the open 
so I simply handed them to him and he shot baskets.
 Aaron asked me to get in the boat ride with him. :) I love how much he loves having me beside him! 

We found 2 tokens. We used one for the game where you throw balls at the screen and one for the sketch!  
We got home and relaxed ordering Thai food for dinner. Yum!

Sunday, we had this crazy idea to give our kids pixie sticks. We had hoped they would spit and sputter (we are all great parents, huh?) ... but, Aaron loved the flavored sugar and after his first swig, Alden was done... 

Aaron and Alden (and the rest of us adults) had so much fun together! I can't wait till we make the trip up there for a visit!

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