Sunday, November 17, 2013

Aaron Stories

I love telling stories about Aaron!
This first picture... We were running errands and Aaron started falling asleep in the car. I tried to keep him awake as I drove but he crashed pretty quick. When we got home, I carried him in the house I woke him and asked him to get Audrey's bottle while I got him lunch. I went and started his lunch and eventually wondered where Aaron was ... This is what I found. He only made it as far as the first step. I lifted him to carry him to bed and he spazzed a bit, "have to get Audrey's bottle!" he exclaimed. I calmed him as I explained that I had gotten his bottle at this point and he was safe to go to bed. He was asleep in seconds.
These days, everything is a boat to Aaron and I honestly don't know why - we haven't watched any movies or shows where a boat is prominent in the story... but he does things like turn his rocking horse on its side and sits between the legs as a boat or uses boxes or really anything. He called me to come get on his boat which was the couch. He sat with a bamboo skewer saying, "stroke, stroke," and then declared, "I need fish! Look Mama, fish!" He pointed to the grocery sacks I had just folded and then grabbed one with his stick. 
This is Aaron and his best friend Eli - they play soooo well together! They rough house safely and play cars and trains and share and run in innumerable circles... I love it!

My Grandparents (GP and Grammy) send random packages full of random things. This past one came while we were out of town. Our neighbors snagged it for us and we picked it up after Aaron had gone to bed. We opened the box and in the morning, I found Aaron on the counter exclaiming that he "found my birthday!" as he ripped open the presents with surprising speed. I moved him to the floor and he exclaimed as he opened more gifts, "this a from GP!" and "this a from Grammy!" All the nuts were from GP - not surprising.
We are all sick a bit right now and Aaron found me looking sick. He said, "Mama, you hurt? What happened?" I replied, "No, I'm just sick." Aaron then said, "oh, you feel better?" I said, "I'd like to ..." And his response was, "Here, I kiss you better. Muwah."  I love him!

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