Tuesday, November 19, 2013

4 Months

I can hardly believe Audrey is 4 months old!
She consistently sleeps through the night: 7:30pm - 8am without waking unless she is sick. How lucky I am!
She smiles and giggles and laughs so willingly. She loves baths, a good clean diaper, and snuggles.
She is in 0-3 month / 3 month clothes with her skirts being size newborn .
(this outfit obviously being not in her clothes range - it is a romper for 6-9 months but it works as a dress)

I absolutely love her!
So does her Daddy!
And so does her brother!

 If Audrey is ever sad all I need to do is send Aaron over and he can calm her with a binkie or a toy or he just makes her smile. He is so gentle and protects her so well! I hope this friendship survives the test of time!

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