Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kristen's Birthday

Kristen had her birthday last week and we all got together for a party...

I made this dress for Kristen from a pillowcase... If I had known I was going to sew the pillowcase in to make it skinnier, I would have cut it first and sewn her name on with the machine... but as it is I didn't and I sewed her name on by hand because I have a nasty habit of catching the back of the dress when I stitch things like this... I used fusible interfacing on the back of what I appliqued on so that it won't fray.

I took pictures of the girls coloring on the white boards at the party but since they had work information on them too I probably shouldn't post them ... let's just say, they had fun. There were flowers, Earth, people at the party, and a Princess land complete with just about everything. :) My nieces are so creative.

I love love LOVE being able to attend their little birthday parties and other family gatherings. Though I miss attending my family gatherings, at least we moved somewhere with family so that I still have gatherings to attend (I hope that made sense)

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  1. so jealous of your skillz with a sewing machine...pinterest has been some serious motivation to learn hahaha

    ps....wanna play blog tag???


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