Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Dear...

I was standing on top of the dresser in Aaron's room fixing the curtains while Aaron played down below. We had his youtube playlist playing on the laptop.

When I finished with the curtains I hopped down and turned to see this:

YIKES! This box is in there for Aaron to bang on like a drum... not to pull over to the dresser and climb on! He was pulling the laptop toward himself when I grabbed the camera.

He's started trying to climb everything recently. He'll grab on with his hands and lift his foot trying to reach a foothold (which are usually too high, thank goodness). When his leg gets tired he'll lower it and switch which foot he uses to try and reach the next level of the bookshelf or the chair cushion...

Sorry this last one is blurry - he was smiling (which I wanted) which makes him wiggle...

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