Monday, March 5, 2012

Mama's Little Hero

Over the past few weeks, Aaron has become extremely attached to Eric and I ... very few friends have been able to watch him without him crying the whole time (besides Gramma Ane, only one has managed it -- and it's because they have 3 boys that played with him). Once we get there, he is very happy and back to his normal self (sorry friends!!!).

He has become particularly attached to me... Which is so fun! When he is sad, Mama usually does the trick. I love how in the evenings he is happy to sit on my lap and eat whatever I'm eating. Or when we've been apart for a bit he is so excited to see me and crawls super fast toward me (even if I was just at choir on the other side of the room...).

p.s. The shirt I'm wearing in these pictures? 
Yeah, I made that, without a pattern ... I'm quite proud of it, actually. :}

I love how he stuck his tongue out at Eric. 

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  1. Love the pictures! They made me smile, but the one with his tongue out made me giggle and laugh out loud! Miss you guys!


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