Monday, March 19, 2012

Fast Mover...

On Saturday, we spent most of the day helping Eric's brother Michael and his wife move... There was a little bit of down time so we shot a video of Aaron showing off his walking skills. He is sporting his usual one sock on, one sock off look.

Then we took some time to play with Aaron - Aaron be in our arms as we jump, be thrown around, and play with a mirror... this video shows you all 3! The high ceiling makes for lots of fun.

Lastly, I was around the corner when Michael hollered, "Hey Jessie, does Aaron do stairs?" I replied, "We don't have stairs so I'm going to say no." "Are you sure?" was the response... I came running and Aaron was already on the 4th step.

Man am I glad we don't have stairs... 

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  1. Best moment? "Are you sure" hahahahaha I also love how you have your hands floating over him the whole time..what a good protective mama!!! hahaha


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