Monday, July 11, 2016

The School Playground

After we dropped off Aaron's Kindergarten registration forms (I know ... I know ... too soon.), we decided to hang out on the playground!

The first thing Aaron does when he sees other boys... 
He tells me he's going to go make friends and races over. The first thing he says is, "if you guys bully my sister, I'm going to..." He then made a very mean face and I suggested he simply tell them his name and ask them what their names are... 
At least he loves his sister.. And at least she won't be there during kindergarten so he won't feel the need to protect her. Perhaps then he'll be able to actually make friends.

This girl and her boots - I adore it!
 I helped Adelynn put on her sunglasses - then she decided she wanted to give it a try on her own. Pretty close, wouldn't ya say? 
And now for Aaron ... I am beyond amazed at his strength, over and over. This time, watch as he doesn't slide down the pole - he slowly lowers himself, and then the control he has as he flips up and over. Mind boggling - he's only 5!

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