Friday, July 29, 2016

Cousins Swim

Given how keeping an eye on multiple kiddos when one is so young is difficult, I do not take my kids swimming during the day. So when Kelsey said their club has a pool and invited us to join in, we readily agreed. My kids LOVE their cousins, so it was a double win!
Audrey currently doesn't have the ab muscles to hold herself vertically in the water, so I tried to help but ended up simply spinning her in circles, which she loved! (She is smiling, not screaming ... despite how it looks.)
Since I haven't a clue how to fload (I have never gotten it right, Kelsey hopped in to try and help Audrey (and Aaron) learn.
Once we took Audrey out of the oversized life jacket and put her in the flotation device I brought for Adelynn, she no longer had any problems.
Aaron has insane abs and had no trouble staying afloat.
Kelsey and I mostly sat on the side with Adelynn. I have discovered that Adelynn loves ice chips! As in she will sit, content, and not even consider getting up, as long as she has ice left in her cup.
I will use this in the future, for sure!

Thanks for inviting us along! 

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