Monday, July 18, 2016

A Birthday Fit for a Princess

You blink and suddenly all of them are growing up! Audrey's is the third and final Triple A birthday and I'll be honest, my mind is blown!
I had so much fun picking out this tiara for Audrey! She selected a Princess Sofia Tea Party birthday party - we based it around the episode where Princess Sofia throws a Tea Party (bet you didn't figure that out, huh?). I just had to make sure she got her tiara in time for her party!

Be still my heart! I have never beheld a more beautiful princess in all my life!
I had a lot of fun prepping for this party and figuring out how to decorate outside. *sigh* I'm so glad I have a girly girl!
Each lovely princess who attended (thank you to all of the Hornibrook cousins!) learned to elegantly curtsy and properly walk with a level head.
Then, just as in the show, the girls decorated plain, white tea cups. 

Audrey and Annie are only 9 months apart and it is so fun to see them together!
Audrey is probably the most gracious and grateful gift-opening child in the whole world. She takes her time with each gift, lingering just long enough to show her enjoyment, and thanks each giver in turn. She even stops to look at the cards!
Audrey sat on the lawn singing with that Sofia karaoke machine so long that the sprinklers turned on ... (oops). 
I see a ninja lurking in the back. Audrey loved her pink, purple, and white swirled cupcakes. 
Eric kept the kids entertained while I grabbed the gifts.
Audrey raced to put on her new dress and cat ears in preparation for her birthday interview!
Guys, I want a castle.
I could dress up like a princess and have tea parties with this little lady every day!
Happy birthday, baby girl! You are so sweet, thoughtful, nurturing, smart, funny, and gorgeous!

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