Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Outdoor Play Dates

We have had so much fun meeting up with friends at the park! Eric's friend Janey from high school came into town - I absolutely love her, so we had to get together! Our daughters are super close in age which makes it that much more fun.
Come back soon! 

We also met up with Marissa and had our own trips to the park, just the 4 of us!
 Can you tell Adelynn was not a fan of having her legs touch the grass?

 My kids are climbers - luckily they are controlled climbers! I very rarely feel that I need to tell them to get down. 
 Are you surprised she was content to explore and not eat? It's ok, so was I. 
This is Adelynn with Will - Marissa's son who is just younger than her.

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