Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May ... Where Did You Go?

Nice try, auto correct, but next time, let's just stick with "Jessica Hornibrook" instead of " just a horny breath"

Me: Eric, did you put away the cookie dough?
Eric: ... No ...
Me: Did you eat the cookie I saved for you?
Eric: ... No ...
Me: If I have to go down to put away the cookie dough, I'm gonna eat your cookie...
Eric: Go ahead, that's fine.
This tactic works infinitely better with my children... Time to come up with a new plan. On the bright side, I got to eat another cookie!
The kids were doing their own version of karate moves at church and when I asked what they were doing, I learned they were "Tom and Kito - saving the world by fighting bad guys!" Officially the new dynamic duo!

Aaron: Mama, you're the best cook ever!
Me: Aw, thanks Aaron, but Daddy did most of the cooking.
Aaron: Oh, Daddy your the best cook ever ... And Mama, too! You're better than a chef! *gasp* You're even better than me! 
I sure hope so!
P.S. any time we give the kids something they love, we're the best "everything." Best dancer, best singer, best driver, best racer, etc... 
Today, I gave something to Audrey, and suddenly Aaron said that I'm the best Mama ever and he's so proud of me for sharing ... And he offered his plane as a reward for my good behavior as Audrey echoed that I'm the best Mama. 

We decided to surprise Daddy at work and he surprised the kids with popsicles! #bestdayever
 Eric is seriously the sweetest ever. He left me a coke and dove chocolates one morning to help me get through the day! He also got me a vacuum for Mother's Day!
Oh, and you may have noticed I've been posting infrequently compared to my habitual past - it's because I became an Amazon reviewer back in February. That's where you get stuff for free, or next to free, in exchange for a review. This is often what my porch looked like. Sadly, many people don't like the process and will "down vote" the reviews that include the disclaimer indicating the discount - and Amazon has now revoked my right to write any reviews. Oh well, it was a good run...
  We went into Portland with Tyler and Allyson, and Jake and Taci. We ate at a fabulous burger joint and when Jake went in to get us donuts, the gal inside said they had a ton of extra donuts and offered him a free box. Deal - we'll take those off your hands, for sure! 
 Sometimes,  you just need a break. Whether it's sitting down on the grass or curling up on Mama's lap to nap.
 Basically, the cutest thing, ever.
 This kid is so smart!

Aaron, upon finding the postcard Eric's parents sent while in Europe, asked, "Why do we have a picture of the Eiffel Tower?" ... uh, a better question would be, "How did you know that?!" Oh, and my children now want to go to Europe to get "yummy chocolate"

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