Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An Early Spring

The sun has been coming out this month, and we simply cannot get enough of it!
 Soccer is pretty much our favorite thing ...
Adelynn's not too sure about this whole "grass" thing ... and listen in to Aaron offering to teach Audrey his new tricks / telling me about his nifty trap.

 The kids love their shadows!

I asked Aaron and Audrey to make silly faces for me ... This is what I got, haha!
Goofballs, am I right?
They are super sweet goofballs, though! If one needs help, the other races to the rescue.
Sometimes, if Aaron tries to start on a "hill" (aka the upward slope off a driveway) Audrey races to help by rolling his tire from behind! If Audrey falls, Aaron is right there to help her up!
They play so well together, and apart also!
80's is perfect for cooling off with the hose!
Or drinking from it ... We're not picky!
Here's wishing it would be sunny EVERY day!

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