Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hello, March! Did You Bring Spring?

Nope ... no spring yet - but lots of rain! 
Good thing I know how to clean out the gutters adult-style, all by myself!
Aaron came and, pointing to a blank paper, said, "Look! There's a hurricane headed straight for us!"
Oh no, what should we do?
"We need to head to the safe zone here in the Amazon river. (Gesturing on his 'map.') That's safe. Well, sometimes it over flows with water, but it's got nice trees!"
Sounds very safe...
Adelynn loves to talk - even more than she enjoys eating (most of the time)!

 We had a blast at my friend Jenaca's home playing with Savannah, Tammy-Lee and Hudson! 
 We took Adelynn to the eye doctor since she has a slight droop, but everything looks great!
No surgery needed!
Audrey came up to Aaron, took his hand in hers, looked at him with a smile, and said, "You my best friend, ever!" Aaron looked down at her and smiled while repeating the phrase.

Then, as we sat down for lunch, Audrey told him again that he is her "best friend, ever!" Aaron then asked if instead of just a "food prayer," he could say a "food and best friends prayer." He then proceeded to pray that he and Audrey could "always be best friends, forever," with a quick request to, "bless the food," thrown in at the end. These two don't always get along, but when they do, it's awfully sweet. 
I love Audrey's performances!
It is always excruciatingly difficult to go through my children's clothes (I went through Aaron's tonight) and remove the ones they've outgrown ... Every . single . time it is difficult ... It's crazy how much love and good many memories come flooding as you tenderly move clothes from a dresser to a bin.

There is excitement for what's ahead and the memories we have yet to make - but the sadness that my children are growing and, despite the hard times, I will miss this, desperately, one day, can be overwhelming.

They are getting extra hugs tonight, for sure!!!

Well, March - what surprises do you have in store for us?!?

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