Saturday, March 12, 2016

One Last Visit

My cousin, Drew, is being stationed in South Carolina next month ... 
so he and his little family came down for one last visit before they move!
There was a break in the rain, so we headed to the zoo - each kid packed a backpack with snacks, drinks, and lunch. Cute, huh?
 Adelynn was all about trying to get Anders' attention.
 It really wasn't raining when we left, and it was barely chilly ... but luckily we packed the kids' raincoats too because it definitely did not stay that way ... let's just say I regretted my canvas shoe choice. Adelynn didn't like being in the stroller, so into my coat she went! She kept me warm! (She also caused me to injure my sternum, but that's a story for another time. It was worth it to carry her!)
 I love Aaron and Audrey in the picture on the right, haha! "Whoa horsey!"
 I've never seen the penguins out before! I guess the cold is good for something ;)
 The new elephant exhibit is super cool. Another thing we'd never seen before! 
 Wow - look at the size of those chompers! shudder Good thing he's behind glass!
  Here we are, waterlogged but happy. It was a fun, memorable trip!
 Adelynn fell asleep on me about an hour before we finished at the zoo and stayed asleep for most of the train ride home. Isn't she sweet?!?
Yes ... yes, I am aware selfies aren't my strong suit. Just, look at the kids, yeah? Aren't they cute?
 After the kids went to bed, we played a round of Dead of Winter on hardcore mode - seriously, the hardest game we've played to date... but we won!
Drew, Kirsten, Alden, Anders ... I hate the thought of saying good-bye to you in the morning.
We will miss you, a lot. Be safe, have fun, and stay in touch!

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