Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Easter morning is always so much fun! Eric and I picked out the girls' dresses together back in January! It's been so hard to wait! And Aaron helped me make his bow-tie and the girls' bows. Fun, huh?
 We were at the store and Aaron asked if he could get a chocolate bunny. Good thing Eric's Grandma makes them each year, so his wish came true!
GP and Grammy sent some money with instructions to get jelly beans and chocolate eggs. I may or may not have purchased Dove Chocolate Eggs, so the kids never saw them... But they sure loved the jelly beans! Adelynn loved playing with Audrey's tablet while Audrey ate her jelly beans. Win-win!
  I attempted to get pictures this afternoon... It, well, went as all photoshoots with kids go. You win some, and you lose some. I'll show you the wins, first.
We're going to count this next one as a win - it's probably the best one we got of all 3 kids.
 ...aaaaaaaaaaaand now for the losses...
Adelynn and Audrey ... man, can they make some silly faces!
ok, ok ... most of the photos were losses, but these are the best of those losses!
I could laugh at these for days! I love these kids! We had a great time telling the story of the Resurrection and teaching the kids, once again, the true meaning of Easter!

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