Saturday, February 13, 2016

Making the Most of Everything

I have found that when I am snapping pictures of my children, it is easier to laugh at the things they do and make the most of the time I have been given with them.
Parenting is hard - it often feels more like "hostage negotiation gone wrong with drunk pirates" than "leading, guiding, and walking beside" ... And of late, for me, it has been particularly difficult.
Often, one negative thing can over shadow a myriad of positive... However, it is so wonderful to have pictures to look back at and remember that I do have good times with these kiddos!

I love how Audrey is such a Diva! She's all about doing hair and make-up with me!
Aaron while I'm straightening up my Craftroom: What's that? Me: A screwdriver ... you know that ...
A: Oh right, I've seen these before - they can screw up anything!
I'm glad I have pictures to remind me that what happens at the store isn't the norm in my life - an example:
Little boy walks aimlessly around, loses focus, runs into people, displays, and me...
Little girl rips the chocolate chip bag open with her teeth, squishes the bread, attempts to eat the cheese through the wrapper and after flipping the cart around and driving backward so as to have an eye on her, she stares longingly at the eggs waiting for my back to be turned...
Baby girl in the end has had enough of it and demands her bottle the entire duration of the checkout line...
And when we get out of the store, it's raining.

 "Mama makes the best train tracks!"
I had to race Audrey to the bathroom in the midst of feeding Adelynn - something Adelynn was less than pleased about. So Aaron stepped in to feed her. Not long after, he came to me and informed me that he had made the mistake of placing the food right next to Adelynn ... and that she had grabbed it. "Did you take it from her?" "No!" "This is one time you should take things from your sister! Go grab it!" I came back to find he had successfully wrestled her bananas back and had continued to feed her - despite her messy exterior... complete with "Here comes the airplane! Neerryyyoooom!"
 We've had a few warmer days so the kids have been out riding bikes - or in Audrey's case, trying to ride. I told Eric of her struggles and he decided to come home early from a work event to teach her before she went to bed. She is doing significantly better and is learning to not push with both feet at the same time.
The day after Daddy helped Audrey. was super rainy. I was upstairs when I heard the alarm on the front door go off (indicating it had been opened). I came down to find this little smurf had dressed herself, ready to ride her bike in the rain. Aaron suggested we move the car so they could ride in the garage. Brilliant.
Yeah ... they make up songs when they play
I was around the corner and heard Adelynn wailing - I came to find she had gotten up on the first step and stopped. Instead of helping her, I decided to watch. She reached some toys, yet continued to cry - she also whimpered even after I picked her up only to calm when we reached her room and I laid her down. Guess we know where she was headed...

This little girl ... I could watch and listen to her all day. I love how she just explores!

Another day with sunshine - hooray!
Spending time outside is rejuvenating for all of us - it means we play together instead of, "Hey kids! I know you aren't dirty, but do you want to take a shower?" "YAYAYAYAYAY!" ... and then I run off to eat my weight in cookie dough without having to share. Trust me, they think it's a win, they love the shower.
Here's to Spring, may you come ever so swiftly!

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