Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another One Down!

I can hardly believe it, but ...
This little girl is POTTY TRAINED!
She's been trained for several weeks now and it's pretty spectacular!
It was so easy! She had been wanting to get on the toilet for months - and I would let her - but she wouldn't ever do anything. So, about a week after New Year's, when I tried to change her diaper and she decided she didn't want to wear one, I was all for it. I didn't once police her to use the bathroom. She had accidents for 2 days and she definitely did NOT like it, so she started telling me when she had to use the bathroom!
She didn't even need treats, though my parents sent PEZ candies for her (to share with Aaron), just in case.
And now, here we are. She's moved on to underwear and I couldn't be more proud.
 She's such a goofball! 
If I ever ask, "Audrey, do you need to go potty?" she answers, "NO" so emphatically that I find myself thinking,
of course not, me neither, why did I even think that?
She knows when she needs to go and she lets me know when that is. Reminding her does nothing.

After almost a month, we have finally learned that our "things" are not going to walk away if we set them down to use the potty... In the beginning, she refused to set things down - not even for a second! GP and Grammy sent the kids a package, and knowing fruit snacks are their all-time favorite treat, sent a box for each kid. So when Audrey needed to go potty, she took the whole box with her and was determined to hold on to it no matter what! How dare we suggest she set them down!
I absolutely adore her! Congratulations, Audrey! You're a big girl now!

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