Sunday, August 16, 2015

More Family to Visit!

My cousin, Drew, and his family had an outing that took them within 45 minutes of us, so they decided to come for dinner and spend the night!
 Yeah, Anders is 11.5 weeks older than Adelynn. He has the chunk to prove it, but not the length!
Aaron and Alden had a great time with the trains!
 We spent the night, after the kids went to bed, playing Star Wars, Epic Duels. Eric and Drew won, but Kirsten and I were super close behind (within 2 hit points)!
 This morning, the kids played trains again, but this time they used the motorized train without the tracks! They loved jumping over it and creating "bridges" for it to go under.
 Aaron and Audrey were sad to see them leave, but found comfort in knowing at least they have each other.
 See you again, soon!

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