Sunday, August 16, 2015

Caught Red Handed!

Audrey scared us so bad when she came upstairs looking like this!
At first, we thought it was blood... You can go ahead and say it, I already know you're thinking it...
She looks like she murdered somebody!!!
 I followed a trail of hand prints on the wall down the stairs (one or two prints per stair)
The trail led me to smears on the carpet ... and the barstools ... and the couch ... 
I eventually found this was all for a rousing game of color the banana with food coloring... 
She had climbed on the counter, gotten into the cabinet, and created art.
 I haven't gotten the coloring out of the grout on the counter yet, but it all came out of the upholstery and carpet using a hand held carpet cleaner and a combination of shout/carpet cleaning solution. And off the walls as well, thank goodness!
Does art ever become less messy?!?

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