Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adelynn's Baby Blessing

We held Adelynn's blessing in our home this afternoon.
What a special event. We were able to have my mom, siblings, and grandparents call in via computer to watch as well as Eric's grandparents!
Thank you to everyone who came and made it special!
 The dress Adelynn is wearing belonged to me and was also worn by Audrey.
The hairbow was made just for Adelynn using my baptism dress.
The flowers used in the decorative sandals are from my wedding bouquet and were also worn by Audrey.
I'm so grateful my dad and brother were both able to attend!
 We had lots of yummy food after. Thank you to everyone who helped out, especially Kelsey who decorated each of these cookies by hand!
 With all the pictures we took, there were bound to be bloopers... 
These are pretty good :)
 I feel like this picture gives good insight into my daily life...
 I feel so blessed to have such a tremendous family!

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