Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Bit of Catching Up...

This morning, Eric got up to take care of Adelynn so I could sleep.
Instead of just going back to bed afterward, he chose to get up, do the dishes AND make me breakfast in bed!
He knew I had lots to get done today and wanted to help out!
So, thanks to him, I'm able to catch up a bit on the blog!

So, here's a bit of the odds and ends of what we've been up to lately!

First of all, my work with the Divas is going FANTASTIC! I absolutely love all of my editing!
But, I just got a new position with them - I'm now the Reclaim Your Marriage Program Manager!
And let me tell you ... this program is FABULOUS!
 Eric and I are going through it and while our marriage is already rock solid, we can feel it strengthening even more! I love working with the couples in our Beta Group and learning how to grow the program!
Got any questions about it?!? Send them my way! This program is changing lives!

I'm so lucky for the opportunity to work with these amazing women and help spouses better their marriages!

 Ok, now on to the kiddos:
We miss Daddy when he's at work, drastically.
So much so, that Aaron continually moves the "what day is it" star to Saturday "so that Daddy can stay home today."
We also try to recreate the closeness we feel when Daddy is home by trying on his shoes while he's gone.

 When Daddy leaves, it's a family affair as we wave good-bye. Then, sometimes pictures of the family are drawn for him to see when he drives back home. (I love how we are all "holding hands.")
3 sleepy kittens...
 My MIL, Ane, took me shopping and out to lunch for my birthday last week. So much fun!
Sometimes, I feel like I'm not parenting so much as I'm disaster management...
Trying to keep these kids from killing themselves is hard work!
Here's what happens when they get to my craftroom/office - they create a minefield of pins and beads...
And sometimes when they put their own dishes in the sink, they launch them because they are short, rather than gently push them over the side... whoops. Lesson learned. Glass things don't go in the sink.
 Adelynn is so cute - she loves to be Mama's helper... sitting on my desk while I work.
When this poor girl gets the hiccups, it's an entire body spasm.

 Aaron and Audrey have been getting along better and better... I'm amazed, really!
Usually, when Audrey wants to play with something Aaron has and runs off with it, Aaron freaks out. This time, when Audrey ran off with a piece of chalk, Aaron started to get upset, but then he stopped and reevaluated. He said, "Audrey, would you like to color with me?"
I am often amazed at his maturity. She happily came over and together they colored.

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