Thursday, May 14, 2015


Lately, to break up the crazy stressful days Eric has at work due to the projects he's in charge of, I've been snapping more pictures of the kids with my phone and sending them to him.

Audrey decided she wanted to finish off Aaron's cereal... Aaron discovered his boat could take batteries. I told him (not wanting to bother with it at the time) that he'd have to wait for Daddy to get home. He said, "No need! I have my own tools!"
 We are all baby obsessed right now - both Aaron and Audrey love carrying around the baby dolls and taking care of them! 
 Surprise! Audrey can open the fridge! And she enjoys cracking eggs... Yeah, I rearranged the fridge.
 I informed Audrey it was nap time and the next thing I knew, she had emptied the dress up bin and was hiding in it... 
 We love our stickers...
The kids LOVE coloring ... coloring on random scraps of paper is apparently the best - it's hard to color inside the lines so why not go for a paper with no lines?
I was working on shapes with Audrey (heart, star, circle, etc.) by drawing them and then pointing to them and saying aloud the name. She promptly went to do something similar. She'd color on her paper, point to it and say, "Daddy." Then she'd color another and once again point and say, "Daddy!"
Audrey enjoys watching Dancing With The Stars with me and trying to imitate the dancers
Aaron has been FABULOUS at keeping his playroom clean. He no longer needs me in there with him, directing him on what to pick up next. In fact, the other day, he came to me and asked if I wanted to come play Lego's with him after he cleaned up the other toys he'd been playing with! *swoon*
 Aaron's "Magical Forest" that he "built." 
 We loaned our swing to a friend of mine who returned it in preparation for our baby to come - and the kids saw it.
Audrey is a bit obsessed. I told both her and Aaron they couldn't climb in it, but Daddy didn't get the memo (he wasn't home at the time) - and since Audrey has him wrapped around her finger, she is allowed to swing in there, for now.
She enjoys getting in with her babies! 
 We went to the doctor today and both kids enjoyed helping find the heart beat! 
Luckily, our lives aren't terribly exciting right now. We're just playing the waiting game and enjoying our time together as much as possible!

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