Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aaron's First Primary Prayer

 I'm starting to realize that my kids will never stop growing!!!

Aaron gave his first prayer in Primary today. He did fabulous!
We said a few practice prayers last night to help him think of things that are appropriate to pray for in a Primary Prayer (versus a personal or dinner prayer...).

When we got to Primary, I reminded him that they would announce he would say the prayer and then it would be time - and to not worry, I'd come help him.

Well, they decided to announce a significant amount of the program at once - song then prayer then scripture, etc. He got quite confused - but he heard his name attached to the prayer so he jumped up, climbed the steps, motioned to me with a big waving arm and said, "Come on Mama! It's time!"
I went up and helped him sit back down until the song was over.

 Once he got up the steps for the prayer, he got a bit nervous. I guided him through the beginning of the prayer and he ended it all on his own. 

I'm so proud of him!

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