Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Epic Adventure With Flashlights

My dad sent the funnest package today!
He sent a package full of different flashlights for both of my kids. They have had a blast!
Aaron loves to point his flashlight at the ground and say, "Audrey! Do you see those footprints!" Audrey will point her flashlight, look very closely at the imaginary footprints and reply, "Uh-huh!" Aaron will then say, "Let's follow them on an adventure and see where they lead!" And off the two of them will race to find the creature who made the trail.
 Their favorite places to play with them were in my room and the stairwell - the two places it gets the darkest! You can see, Audrey is even wearing the head lamp for playing with the race track!
 Good thing these two know how to wind down after an adventure!
It can be exhausting searching for imaginary creatures!

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