Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Weekend We Shamelessly Cheated on Winter

This weekend didn't start out terribly gorgeous - it started out dreary and foggy, actually...
This is how we entertain ourselves inside :)
Audrey loves her dress-ups and Aaron is getting very good with his Lego's!

 Thanks GP and Grammy for the chocolate cake!

Friday night, Eric performed with a few groups for a Regional Talent Show (it was audition based and several groups were told they needed a "real drummer" so they called him). It was crazy getting there though because Eric accidentally locked his keys, music, and drum sticks in his car... So his mom picked him up, they ran to the music store for new sticks, and I had his clothes ready for him to change into when he arrived. He played without music and did phenomenal, as always. He got loads of compliments and several people wanted to hire him for "gigs". He's pretty much ah-mazing! Thank you to Eric's parents and his brother, Michael's, family for coming to support him!

Saturday morning, Eric needed to go into work for a few hours to work on the cubical build-out so the kids and I drove him down and hung out in the break-room while he worked; just incase he couldn't break into his car and needed a ride home. It was dreary, foggy, and cold...

While we were hanging out in the break-room, one of Eric's co-workers, Mark, came in to fix himself a snack. He too was putting in extra hours on Saturday. Eric came in to let me know he was heading out to try to break into the car. Mark saw his "unique tools" before Eric explained anything and jokingly asked, "You planning to try to break into a car?" to which I jokingly replied, "Why? Do you have experience with that?" To our surprise, he does have experience with that! He used to work in a wrecking yard and had needed to get into all sorts of vehicles. He offered to help and went to get a few tools. He and Eric worked outside for about 15 minutes and were able to get into the car! We are so grateful! Lock smiths are expensive and there is a chance Eric might have been able to do it on his own, but it would have taken much longer. Mark jumped right into action - his snack left untouched on the counter.
 The kids and I headed home knowing Eric would be able to drive himself and as we were on our way, the sun came out! It was so gorgeous! The kids and I headed straight outside! Can you believe it's February?!? It seems more like May! I feel like we are cheating on winter ... but I don't feel bad about it one bit!
 We're going to need to get Audrey her own bike soon! She wants to be just like Aaron.
 They had a blast playing with chalk!
 At one point, I wasn't sure where Audrey went and after looking for her, this is what I found...
Guess we need to do something about that.
 The kids even enjoyed lunch outside (Aaron technically had 2 lunches since he ate with Eric and I once Eric got home - also outside.) 
 Seriously, so gorgeous! Then, the kids both took spectacular, LONG naps! Audrey napped for 5 hours and Aaron napped for 3 (he went down later than Audrey and we had to wake him). It was heaven! When they woke up, we did tinfoil dinners! Mmmm
 Despite their long naps, the kids still went down at a great time and today was a very relaxing day.
So relaxing, in fact, that both kids were in bed by 6:30.
Few things are sweeter than snuggles like this!
Dear Winter,
Please don't come back. We've moved on. We love the sun.
It's over between us. Perhaps we can try again at the end of the year.

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