Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Fashion Diva

**Warning - this post contains female "unmentionables" so proceed with caution**
But really, this was too adorable to not document!

Yesterday, Audrey took 2 naps. Well, she took one nap that was about an hour long and then went down for the night at 3:30pm. Yup, you heard me! She woke around 7pm to rock with Daddy and have some more milk but then she went back to sleep! I didn't have to get up with her until 7:30 this morning! Hallelujah!

Normally, she wakes up and waits for Aaron to wake up. He gets up, turns on the light, and gets her a snack (sometimes it's an orange, other days it's chocolate chips...I'll admit, as long as they are quiet, I'm not picky). He'll then come to me and get my phone and they will watch a show together until I have the energy to get up. It's adorable. But this morning, she woke early and I didn't want her to wake Aaron early too (she chatted in her crib starting around 6:40 am and their normal waking time is usually around or after 8 am) so I eventually got up to get her and decided we would both hop in the shower. Fun, right? Really, it was simply an option that seemed like minimal effort on my part seeing as heartburn kept me up till after 2.

Well, it seems she decided we bonded and suddenly we had to be doing EVERYTHING the same ... had to use the same looking towels, her towel had to be wrapped just like Mama's towel, etc. (in fact, she's on my lap as we speak trying to copy what I'm doing at my desk) As I was getting dressed, she explored the closet trying to copy what I was doing. She took her time looking at my shirts and my shoes.

She was content for a little bit to just look but then she saw me put on a bra - something she doesn't have in her own clothing arsenal. She, through the binkie I graciously let her take out of the crib this morning, asked "what this?" I told her it is a bra and expected her to move on. But no, Mama was wearing one so she needed one... At first she kept fingering them saying, "bra? bra?" But then she got adamant that she was to have one and started trying to yank it off the hanger while declaring, "BRA! BRA!"
Alright, I figured, what does it matter if she gets one of my bras?
So, I took it off and handed it to her.
That's when I learned that having it wasn't enough ... she needed to wear it. And then it needed to be paired with shoes! She selected a pair of heels and put them on.
 Oh ... My ... Goodness! I seriously died laughing! 
Thank goodness for camera phones so that I could document this!
I hope she enjoys these pictures later in life...

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