Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our Little Christmas

As is our tradition, we held Christmas Eve on Dec 23rd and Christmas on Dec 24th for our little
family. We love having our own little private Christmas before joining one of the BIG families.

For our Christmas Eve, we started by putting on our pajamas and watching the Bible Stories Cartoon of the First Christmas. Then came a reading of Santa Mouse and the Rat Deer by Daddy.

 Then came opening one gift each.

Aaron opened a Superman shirt from my parents and Audrey opened some hairbows I made her.
After the kids went to bed, stockings were stuffed and a few more gifts were brought out.
 Then, Eric and I each opened a gift from eachother. Eric opened a mousepad with a photo of us on it and I opened a new camera! Like, top of the line FABULOUS camera! I love it - I just need to learn how to use it :)

 "Christmas morning," the kids climbed in our bed and we played for quite a while before heading downstairs to open gifts. As always, we started with stockings and took our sock photo with all of the gifts in the background. 
 It is pretty fun only having 2 kids. It means they can open and play with each gift on their own timetable without feeling rushed. They both played with the legos for quite a while before moving on to the next gift. It also made it so that Eric and I could focus on our gifts to each other while the kids played. The remainder of my gifts centered around my camera - an SD card, a long distance lense and a case. My gifts to Eric were a finger drum kit for his desk at work and the game Dead of Winter - a game he had been wanting for a while but is SO hard to find (thanks Jon for the help!!!) so he had settled on the fact that he wouldn't get it for a long while. His brother helped me track it down and through a web of lies, Eric didn't suspect a thing!
The kids got a wide array of clothes and fun toys that they have been enjoying exploring!
We love our own private Christmas. After naps for everyone, we'll head over to Eric's parents' home for the rest of the festivities. 

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