Monday, December 8, 2014

O' Christmas Tree!

Thanks to being super sick and all sorts of other things going on, we are SO late in getting our tree this year! We picked it up on Saturday this past weekend. Once again, Eric looked over his shoulder the whole 30 second drive home from the pre-cut lot worried someone would take our tree - it all seems too easy, haha! Aaron selected the tree, helped rope it to the top of the car, and helped carry it into the house - what a super helper!

 We celebrated by playing drums to Christmas carols. The kids were too tired to attempt a tree decoration.

  Sunday/Today we decorated the tree and put up the house decorations! I love Christmas time!

  Aaron and Audrey love rearranging the nativity I left on their level by the music tree.

Here is the final product of the Christmas decorations :) I love it!

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