Monday, December 22, 2014

Enjoying the Season

Christmas season is seriously my favorite...
Not that we don't spend time together as a family throughout the year, but we make a special point of doing it A LOT during this season. I also get to buy lots of things. I feel like I'm good at holding back all year long, but at Christmas, simply because I want to give, I let my self loose :)
Here are some ways we enjoy the Holidays!

Planking. If you don't know what that is, just appreciate Aaron's strength and balance.
Playing soccer in the rain and LOTS of snuggles!
Aaron has said some very funny things recently,
The other day, he informed us that his Lightning McQueen toy had diarrhea. Then he lifted the toy to double check and after looking at it's underside, confirmed he indeed had diarrhea. Then he declared we must cover the toy with a towel so that Mr. Smee wouldn't find it. I ... wait ... what?

He's also been very into playing the game Twister. His little body is too small to really play so he sits nicely on the floor as I call out body parts and colors. He places the part and then removes it when a new one is called. He's great with the directions left and right but this is the first time he's had to assign things like, "left hand" or "right foot." He started trying to assign reason to it by saying things such as, "this is my left foot because it has an owie," or, "this is my right foot because it has toes!" Sadly that logic won't last terribly long... 

For our neighbor gift this year I went back into my childhood when my dad made Christmas fudge and wrapped it up to look like swans. I had fun :) The kids LOVE the fudge. We left a bunch for us. Audrey will come up to me, hug me, pat my back, and then point to the fudge and say, "more?" with her big eyes... She is learning to manipulate me well - it works every time.

Rachel and Tighe are in town, hooray! So, those of us who were available gathered at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. After, we walked around the mall for a bit and then Kelsey and her kids came back to our house for a few hours!
 Seriously, our kids are AMAZING friends who play SO WELL together! I love it! 
 Audrey woke from her nap a bit distraught. Annie was so sad her little friend was crying and repeatedly kissed her on the cheek! Adorable!
As they were leaving, Aaron wanted to give Thomas a hug. He leapt into Thomas' arms. Haha. Thomas was even able to hold him for a bit!
 How luck we are to have cousins so close in age. I wish we lived closer ... but we make a point of getting together periodically to make sure our kids get to interact and so that I can spend time with my Kelsey! Seriously love her! I love all my in-laws! How blessed am I?!?

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  1. Those are awesome gifts I wish I was your neighbor!!! Where do Kelsey and Tyler live now? You really do have an awesome in law family!!!


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