Tuesday, December 16, 2014

He Says, She Says

I'm telling you, these kids say the cutest, most random things!

I'll start with Audrey

  • Audrey has started putting 2 words together - lately her combo is "More Juice!" (these days, juice is a vitamin C chewble tablet crushed and dissolved in water - the kids can't get enough of it, and it keeps the runny nose away. Pretty genius if I do say so myself!)
  • She'll bring me the wipes and say, "Bi-per" (diaper) and then run away giggling. She's letting me know she needs a change now or is about to need a change, but still wants me to chase her down.
  • She is still a total Daddy's girl and will race to the door if she even hears the slightest knock (Aaron does this too ...)
  • To Audrey, every animal says, "Woof Woof" in a super high pitched voice.
  • She loves to play with Aaron's toys but they are always turn into an airplane type toy and she says  "vroooooooooooooom" in a high pitched voice as she flies them around.
  • Audrey LOVES to "clean up." She takes trash to the garbage can, pretends to sweep, and cleans up toys or piles. Problem is, after she's done, she puts it all back! She dumps out the toy bins she just filled or pulls everything back out of the dust pan. She even tries to take the things she put in the garbage back out... We are working on this, I promise.
  • She is obsessed with belly buttons - hers, mine, daddy's ... doesn't matter! She tries to get to them hollering, "Be bu-on!"
  • Audrey loves Aaron very much - to a slightly ridiculous level. When he is put in timeout (usually for noticing she has one of his toys and raising his voice to her or taking it away **note, he is usually very good at sharing, these timeouts aren't frequent**) SHE gets more upset than HE does! She'll cry and paw at his back to try to get him to turn around out of timeout. The other day, she took it to a whole new level and has done it several times since. She first tried to shove her way into his corner but when that didn't work, she went to the opposite corner and placed HERSELF in timeout! She was so sad for him, she went to join him. When Aaron noticed what she did, he asked me, "MAMA! What is she doing!?! Why are you letting her go in timeout!?! She didn't do anything wrong! MAMA! GET HER OUT!" haha, he wanted to help her like she wanted to help him.
Now I'll do Aaron:

  • I love listening to Aaron play. He gets so creative and his toys say really funny things. I recently overheard this gem:
    Car #1: Why do you have a tummy?
    Car #2: Because I DO have a tummy!
    Car #1: Well, we've got to get you to the hospital, FAST!
  • Aaron knows that if he includes Audrey in something, he'll almost always get what he wants. I caught him with the chocolate chips the other day and, after informing him that he'd had enough, I went to put them away. "WAIT!" he called, "I have to get a few more!" "Why?" I asked. "Because I have to share with Audrey!" Awww... this led to them sitting on the couch sharing chocolate chips. This works for literally, everything... 
  • Aaron loves the concept of the baby in my tummy. In addition to kissing the baby and singing to the baby, when I wear a sweatshirt, he loves to share toys with the baby! He does this by putting a toy in the pouch pocket.
  • Once Christmas decorations started going up on others' homes, Aaron started hollering (when he saw a decorated house), "STOP THE CAR! I have to go get Christmas!" haha, it doesn't quite work like that.
  • I was trying to get Aaron to clean up his toys a week or so ago and he kept, very sweetly and innocently, getting distracted. So I decided to offer rewards/keep things he wanted until he cleaned. Such as, "You can have a candy when your toys are put away!" Or, "You can't have your trains till all the cars are put back." This led to responses such as, "Oh, well ... I don't want any candy." Or, "Ok, I'll just play with the cars then." *sigh*
    I went to head up to my bathroom to get ready for an event and told Aaron such and asked him, once again, to clean. He said, "I'll come help you!" He followed me, plopped down in my doorway and said, "I'll be right here if you need me." A few minutes later he said, "Mama, ask me for something!" "Ok, Aaron. Could you please go clean up your toys?" "Uh, a different something, ok?"
  • It's runny nose season and I asked Aaron to go to the bathroom to get a tissue and to wipe his nose. I turned back to what I was working on and he was almost instantly back - definitely too fast to have gone and done as I asked. "Aaron, did you go use a tissue to wipe your nose?" "No, mama. I used the floor!" I pictured in my mind when a dog rubs their face into the carpet ... great.

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