Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Providence Cancer Luncheon

We were blessed today to be invited to attend the Providence Cancer Luncheon with Eric's parents and
family. Providence is the institution that has been providing Cancer Research and treated Eric's Dad, Mark, for cancer twice now. It is thanks to them and God that he is alive today. Mark and Ane spoke at the luncheon. Here are links to all the presentations that were given:
Mark & Ane:
Dr. Walter Urba - our amazing oncologist:
Chris Spielman - keynote speaker:

What an amazing gift we have been given - the gift of having Mark with us still!

If you would like to learn more about their journey, Rachel, Eric's sister, compiled Mark and Ane's journal entries into a book that you can purchase on Amazon called, "Fear Not, I am With Thee - Our Journey with Metastatic Melanoma." And you can follow their blog
If you would like to donate to this amazing Research Institution, you can do that here.

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