Sunday, May 18, 2014

Audrey 10 Months

Wait ... what?
Seriously ... where did the last month go?
This little angel is 10 months old and I seriously can't believe it. Where has the time gone?!?

She still naps twice a day and sleeps really well at night. About 18 hours a day is spent asleep so we play hard for the 6 hours she is awake.
A fun sleeping story - the last tooth that she popped (she now has 4) came so well... she went down for a nap at 3pm and woke the next morning at 8am (17 hours straight) with a tooth magically in her mouth! And she still took her regular naps the next day. Can we have all her teeth come this way please?

She is still in 6 month clothes, though some of them are starting to get small. We'll be moving on to the 6-9 month category soon! She still loves to play in water and one of her favorite foods is Mac & Cheese. She'll eat more of it than the rest of us at the table combined!

She is determined to start walking ... she has started standing on her own so it's only a matter of time.
 She also loves to be outside and explore. Though if you put a bowl of water in front of her she won't move ... she'll just splash and play and have a blast until I decide it's time to go in.

Audrey is such a Daddy's girl... I can hardly explain how much of a Daddy's girl she is.
If she sees him and he doesn't giver her attention, she gets mad! 
She'll trail around the house after him, his little shadow.
Aaron loves to get in and make her smile like we do. He also loves to copy what she is doing... he has started putting things in his mouth again (sand for one ... yuck) and he crawls around right beside her making similar noises and babbling sounds to what she makes. It's cute how they both want to be like each other.

She is incredibly good at getting to what she wants. She's at the stage where she pulls the puzzles off the shelf and removes all the pieces. She would rather play with her brother's toys than her own any day.

Audrey still has deep blue eyes and her hair is growing ever longer - looking to be a strawberry blond like her brother. (Red in the sun, blond all other times)
Audrey doesn't simply not cry ... she is joyful. She is content to play by herself and explore, but when she sees myself, Aaron or her Daddy her face lights up in the biggest smile she can contain and she races over to give hugs and love. She is slowly becoming more trusting of others and isn't as clingy when strangers are around. She seems to talk non-stop. Always happily chirping as she roams the house.

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